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Regardless of your game, everyone has a passion to play

We know what it takes to run a great sports venue because we’ve managed facilities and run exceptional events for more than four decades. KemperSports Venues manages youth and recreation sports venues across the U.S. From state-of-the-art indoor fieldhouses to multi-field outdoor complexes, our managed facilities offer a wide array of activities aimed at those seeking an active lifestyle.

We have tapped into our team’s vast experience in delivering fun and engaging programming over a wide variety of athletic venues and facilities. Our familiarity in working with our clients across the U.S. means we have significant insight into what it takes to be successful. KemperSports Venues understands the need for incredible and appealing offerings for a diverse base of athletes, whether they are pursuing an elite or recreational path.


A great sports venue is the foundation—but great management will elevate every element of the experience. KemperSports Venues has decades of excellence in managing significant operations with honesty, energy, and commitment. Our goal is to fully understand the needs of our clients and their operations, and to deliver memorable experiences that connect with the goals and ambitions of athletes, parents, coaches, and other guests. If you like to help others play—we’re here to help you find excellence and your patrons find their passion.



We offer turnkey management solutions, while you hold decision making responsibilities. Our approach allows you to prioritize what matters most to you while leaving the day-to-day management of your facilities to our expertise. KemperSports Venues will:

  • Drive sales and revenue
  • Reduce costs and help you save on resources
  • Elevate your reputation
  • Take on the responsibility for recruiting and staffing


No two venues are the same—each has its own needs, goals, and specific facilities, from arenas to baseball diamonds, ice skating rinks to soccer pitches. KemperSports Venues recognizes that and puts significant energy into understanding the elements that make your venue and its operation unique. We work with our clients in elevating all elements of your facilities, increasing brand exposure, and defining a path for success.


Service Menu for
our Sports Venues


Our operations team hires, leads and trains your staff to support engagement and quality services. Through leadership and guidance, we develop and execute financial plans and initiatives that drive growth for your business.

Our buying power is steeped in a 40-year history of creating and maintaining strong relationships and connections. We set up industry-leading programs to provide you great value and support in your partnerships.

We have hundreds of clubhouse and golf course renovations under our belt. Throughout these projects, our development team works
closely with your team to ensure the project stays on track and that it not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

We offer a range of financial services, such as financial management, reporting and analysis, and budgeting and forecasting. We provide you with the key insights you need to evaluate all details of your operation.


Decades of experience in branding and positioning allows us to successfully explore your target markets and build a captivating marketing plan backed by a solid understanding of demographic, local and market trends.

From marketing plan development and implementation to communication strategy and engagement, we utilize proven marketing and sales tactics to maximize the earning potential for your property.

We offer and use a series of revenue management tactics to maximize revenue channels for all the properties that we support. Depending on your financial goals, we have a variety of customized tools and technology to support your mission.

We’re here to help tell your story. Working closely with your marketing team, we increase visibility for your facility through proven public relations tactics and integrated marketing communications strategies. 


Our team develops preliminary, short and long-term capital plans focusing on improving the property’s overall value, as well as enhancing the customer and staff experience. Our diverse portfolio of projects, along with 40+ years of experience, provide positive return on your investments.

Our Food & Beverage Department provides expertise to help you maximize revenue through menu concepting and innovation, strengthened service and training, operational efficiencies and purchasing strategies.

We know events, big and small. We have the reach, influence, operational expertise and deep industry relationships to attract tournaments, outings and major events to your facility.

We know it's not a "one size fits all" strategy to run a successful retail operation; each facility, region and clientele is different. We help you deliver a highly curated and constantly-evolving retail offering with industry leading brands.

We identify the latest technology in our industry and implement it on behalf of our clients to better communicate with customers and staff and maximize revenues through progressive marketing, analytics and reporting.

As operators and advocates for the game, we are committed to sharing our love and passion for the sport with every kind of player. We provide creative programming and partnerships to bring new people to your facility and keep current customers engaged.


Whether it is recruitment and retention efforts, wellness programs or safety national programs, our goal is to build a passionate and diverse team of hospitality professionals who deliver exemplary customer service to all players, guests and partners. 

We dedicate ourselves to building relationships with local communities and businesses by giving back to local charities and creating opportunities that foster connection through exciting golf and non-golf experiences.

TrueService™ is our proprietary customer service training program that gives your staff the tools they need to operate with a service-centric approach. 

TrueLeadership™ represents our commitment to developing and supporting key leaders across the organization. Our proprietary TrueLeadership™ training program identifies high-potential staffers and helps them grow and develop into better managers and leaders of our company.


With the experience of operating a wide variety of facilities—from small operations to expansive sportsplexes—KemperSports Venues approaches every client with the same personalized, boutique perspective. That means we bring talented professionals with vast operational experience that offer our passion and energy to your facility. But we also have the attentive nature to understand each venue has its own specific characteristics and needs. Whether you’re a large multi-field sports complex or a mini-putt golf operator, KemperSports Venues has the expertise to help you excel.



KemperSports has developed a long legacy of helping owners leverage the opportunities of their facilities. From executing golf championships across the U.S. to helping elevate the Maui Jim Maui Invitational to become the top early season collegiate holiday basketball tournament in the U.S., we work to understand your needs and find ways to amplify your potential successes. Whether through innovative digital approaches, public and media relations, or brand content marketing, as well as exceptional operational engagement, we work to bring elite events and excitement to your venue every day that your doors are open. Learn more about our sports marketing and event management capabilities. 

"The opportunity to partner with KemperSports aligns perfectly with our vision of delivering best-in-class youth sport experiences to our athletes, parents, coaches and fans at every event and facility. KemperSports’ long history of managing sports properties will continue to elevate the 3STEP platform across the country."

- David Geaslen, Founder and CEO, 3STEP Sports

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