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Workplace Safety & Wellness

Safety is crucial to all business operations and no one understands that more than KemperSports. KemperSports promotes overall property safety including safe working conditions for staff members at all facilities across the country. Much of KemperSports’ success in creating a safe environment for its guests and staff comes from its proprietary Safety National program. In a partnership with its risk management consultants and insurers, KemperSports developed Safety National to ensure overall property and workplace safety is front of mind for all staff members on a day to day basis, year-round.

KemperSports understands that its responsibility is not only to provide guests with incredible experiences and service, but also to make sure they are safe and secure. When its staff members work in environments free from safety risks, they are able to focus their attention on delivering exceptional customer service and as a result are more productive and happy themselves.

Wellness receives similar attention at KemperSports. Along with its HR and Benefits consulting partners, KemperSports constantly monitors its data and trends in the health and welfare benefit plan area.  Through its proprietary Drive to Wellness program, staff members were provided the opportunity to have biometric screenings done at the workplace, or at a local lab, with wellness coaches available for reviewing results. Participating staff were also encouraged to take the information they received from these screenings to their doctors for further follow up and review.



  • To support Safety National across the country, KemperSports hosts Safety Webinars throughout the year. Content for the presentations is developed and tailored for our businesses by loss control experts from our partner insurers.
  • As KemperSports has grown its business, there has not been a corresponding increase in accidents and injuries.
    • Over time, this reduction of accidents and injures has resulted in reductions to workers’ compensation, general liability and other insurance premium costs.
  • KemperSports benefit plan renewals have consistently been below trend in terms of premium increases.
  • For staff members who participated in the biometric screenings, they also received a reduction in their medical premium deductions.

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