Spa & Retail Concierge

Los Angeles Athletic Club

Property Description:

For more than 125 years, The Los Angeles Athletic Club has remained dedicated to its mission of providing for the body, mind and spirit of its members. Our private club includes state-of-the-art athletic and spa facilities, award-winning restaurants, bars, luxury meeting and conference spaces, hotel rooms, and an array of social, business, and athletic events.



This position is responsible for creating a positive experience for every member/guest by ensuring the Spa, Retail area, and Locker Rooms are a luxurious, comfortable, welcoming and relaxing environment for our members and guests.  This position is responsible for welcoming and acclimating members/guests to the Spa, assisting members/guests as needed during their visit, resolving basic member/guest concerns effectively and escalating more serious concerns to Supervisor, selling and promoting retail, spa, and fitness services, processing service appointments and POS transactions. Serves as back up to Retail Associate position as needed based on business need and Supervisor assignment.



Employee is responsible for effectively and efficiently performing the following tasks in addition to any additional tasks included in the position Service Guarantees, and assigned by Supervisor:

Conduct start of shift duties:

  • Complete the opening shift checklist for shift worked
  • Ensure amenities in all areas are properly stocked, clean, and neatly organized
  • Ensure you have a professional appearance by start of shifty; in proper uniform and name tag in a neat, clean, and proper repair.
  • Ensure all merchandise in the retail store is clean, neat and organized; restock any goods in the shop that have been depleted.


Conduct retail store duties:

  • Assist in keeping merchandise in the retail shop is neat, clean, and organized, in the absence of Retail Associate.
  • Upsell spa and fitness services; including but not limited to suggesting relevant enhancement or treatments for spa guests, suggesting additional Fitness and Spa services when booking fitness sessions, suggesting promotions and/or additional product relevant to the member/guest’s merchandise purchase, suggesting club events or fitness services to Spa members/guests, and/or membership to a member’s guest, etc.
  • Process North Star transactions accurately and effectively; process by item SKU, collect funds, provide correct change.
  • Maintain accurate transaction documentation; credit card receipts, gift certificates, fitness session receipts, etc.
  • Collect correct funds for transactions; reconcile register at end of shift, maintain a balanced register.


Provide high quality customer service:

  • Maintain updated strong knowledge of spa menu, monthly spa, hotel specials, retail merchandise, Fitness programs, Standard Operating Procedures, and contracts.
  • Maintain updated proficient knowledge on all product, current promotions, programs and club activities.
  • Acclimate new members/guests to retail store; provide a brief tour of key areas, amenities, services, and offer assistance if they need anything during their visit.
  • Escort members/guests to Spa treatment areas;
  • Assist members/guests with Spa enhancements
  • Conduct efficient Spa & Retail orientations for prospective and new members
  • Answer any question regarding spa menu, merchandise, fitness sessions, or club events in a friendly, professional, respectful, enthusiastic, and engaging demeanor.
  • Promote spa services, packages, and fitness programs in the routine interaction to members/guests, as appropriate.
  • Book Spa service sessions for members in friendly, welcoming, professional and respectful manner; verify member has pre-purchased service, confirm availability of the desired service provider (masseuse, beautician, etc), book through Northstar, and notify the Spa service provider, contact member/guest to confirm the appointment 24 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Book Fitness session for members in friendly, welcoming, professional and respectful manner; verify member has pre-purchased sessions, confirm availability of the desired Trainer (masseuse, beautician, etc), book through Northstar, and notify the Trainer, contact member/guest to confirm the appointment 24 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Check in guests for Spa and personal fitness sessions; welcome to the club, inquire their name, confirm their appointment in system, process their appointment, provide receipt and offer to wait in the lounge, change in locker room, or look around retail store while waiting for team member providing the service; notify their corresponding team member that the member (use member’s full name) is ready for their appointment.


Properly maintain member/guest information confidential and his/her property secured:

  • Maintain confidentiality of proprietary information (contact, payment form, health-related requests, treatment preferences, etc.) of all members/guests; release member/guest information only to management and key employees who have a business need to know.
  • Communicate member schedule changes or relevant member/guest information only to trainers or spa service providers.
  • Immediately log and report forgotten member/guest belongings to supervisor and Department Head.


Assign lockers effectively:

  • Maintain updated knowledge of all locker operations (locking and unlocking); and locker waiting list.
  • Track and reassign lockers through North Star
  • Coordinate with supervisor and maintenance staff for cleaning and preparation of lockers for reassignment
  • Work with engineers and locker installment company on locker repairs when necessary
  • Ensure that masker locker key is used properly


Conduct end of shift duties efficiently:

  • Complete the end of shift checklist for every closing shift worked
  • Restock amenities in all areas and ensure they are clean and neatly organized
  • Reconcile POS register; ensure all transactions and funds balance; report discrepancies to Supervisor.
  • Ensure all equipment is off, shut off lights as required.
  • Ensure all merchandise in the retail shop clean, neat, and organized; restock any goods in the shop that have been depleted.


Consistently adhere to the Los Angeles Athletic core service standards:

  • Exemplify high-quality hospitality by making every member, guest, and business partner feel welcomed, valued, respected, and listened to; greet at every encounter, offer assistance to anyone who appears in need, escort individuals to correct destination.
  • Take responsibility for maintaining an uncompromisingly clean Club; maintain your work area neat and clean, clean after yourself in employee and member areas, be proactive in maintaining member areas neat and clean by performing minor clean up as needed (i.e., cleaning minor food and non-hazardous liquid spills (i.e., water, drinks, etc.), storing forgotten cleaning equipment, wiping, etc.); and promptly report needed repairs, potential safety issues, significant cleaning jobs to Cleaning or Engineering department.
  • Follow through with resolutions to problems from beginning to end; break away from your regular duties if needed to follow through on resolutions.
  • Be knowledgeable of Club information; maintain sufficient and updated information to be able to easily answer questions from members and guest thoroughly from beginning to end.
  • Practice personal hygiene; wear clean and pressed clothing, Club name tag, and proper uniform if required by your position.
  • Use proper and welcoming telephone etiquette; do not screen calls, answer calls by the 3rd ring, smile while you speak.
  • Reply to emails the same day you receive them.
  • Anticipate and comply with member needs and record their preferences.
  • Be an ambassador of the Los Angeles Athletic Club in and outside the workplace; always represent yourself and the club professionally and with respect.


Exemplify our club’s values at work and during all offsite work-related events:

  • Value; description of value.
  • Friendliness; create an authentic, welcoming environment for all patrons; be friendly, greet members with a smile, give a sincere farewell, and use member’s name whenever possible.
  • Health; promote health by demonstrating a long-term and all-encompassing approach to health, which integrates soundness of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Heritage; embrace the values and traditions inherited from the club founders.
  • Strive for Wonderment; create an ambiance of wonder for our members and guests by creating marvel and unexpected joy in every club experience.


Initiate Professional Growth:

  • Consistently evaluate work for efficiency, quality, alignment with the Company’s service standards, and compliance with Company policies and procedures.
  • Seek out opportunities to enhance personal skills set relevant to job tasks.
  • Maintain current on product knowledge, best practices, and skills needed to meet the demands of your position.


 Ensure A Safe Work Environment:

  • Comply with the Company Health and Safety (H&S) processes and policies while performing work-related duties; perform job duties in a way that will not cause danger to self or others, or violate local, state, federal, environmental regulations.
    • Promptly address and report any hazard, potential hazard, accidents, or unsafe work condition to the Department Head, Safety Manager, and Director of Engineering, and/or Human Resources; wear protective equipment when required; ensure work area and member areas are kept safe, clean, and organized; ensure walking pathway are free of obstacles/obstructions.
  • Complete required safety training by given deadline; or timely basis if no timeline given.
    • Ensure all walkways are kept dry at all times; use warning cones/signs consistently to alert others of slippery floor conditions; major, chemical, hazardous spills please contact Maintenance staff and report to Supervisor; for minor water and non-hazardous spills, please wipe off immediately until surface is dry and not slippery.


Education, licenses, certification, & essential qualifications

  • Required: Valid CPR certification
  • Required: Minimum of 2 years in position of supervisor in luxury Spa with Retail operations setting or similar position.
  • Required: High School degree; or equivalent of GED; College Degree in Business or related industry, ideal.
  • Required: Reliable attendance. Flexible schedule; work weekends as needed.
  • Required: Excellent interpersonal, customer service, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Required: Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Required: A courteous, professional, and business-like appearance and demeanor; approachable and welcoming to members/guests.
  • Required: Ability to provide and accept constructive feedback in a positive and productive manner.
  • Required: Proficient computer skills: POS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, ADP Timekeeping.


Los Angeles Athletic Club is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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