Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer (Level 1)

Los Angeles Athletic Club

Property Description:

For more than 125 years, The Los Angeles Athletic Club has remained dedicated to its mission of providing for the body, mind and spirit of its members. Our private club includes state-of-the-art athletic and spa facilities, award-winning restaurants, bars, luxury meeting and conference spaces, hotel rooms, and an array of social, business, and athletic events.



This position contributes to the success of Los Angeles Athletic Club (“Company”) by providing assistance to members and guests with fitness training by conducting introductory workouts, updating workouts, ensuring safe use of fitness equipment; addressing customer inquiries in an efficient and friendly manner; administering fitness assessments, personalized conditioning and fitness training, by appointment; providing members and guests service beyond their expectations, and promoting all other activities, programs and events in the Athletic Department.



Efficiently Perform the Instructor, Training and Floor Responsibilities

  • Evaluate the Fitness floor and ensure all towels, magazines/newspapers are picked up, all weights/bar returned to racks, and floor is clear and in proper condition during prime-time hours.
  • Daily review the bulletin board for fitness assessments and complimentary workout appointments.
  • Complete tasks in project tray in a timely manner; completing equipment check-list before end of shift.
  • Offer suggestions/corrections to members and guests regarding use of fitness equipment.
  • When performing a fitness assessment, ensure all forms and waivers have been completed prior to the assessment; check assessments equipment to ensure it is in proper working order.
  • Review member/guest assessment results carefully, communicate them clearly to member, ensure members fully understand their results and how they will help in achieving their fitness goals; present the personal training brochure with price of packages for the suggested service relevant to their results.
  • Review complimentary yearly exercise program with members periodically; adjust workout every 12 weeks.
  • Maintain strong contact with members (phone, postcards) to encourage continued use of fitness facilities.
  • Always establish client’s health and fitness level, considering predispositions that may affect their training before designing a training program; a fitness assessment must be conducted whenever possible.
  • Keep proper training records on each client with relevant information; fitness evaluations, strength, etc.
  • Manage floor shifts efficiently; answer concerns, greet customers, and keep socialization to a minimum.
  • Maintain information displays properly stocked with department program brochures and price information.
  • Follow time keeping procedures according to Employee Rate Form; follow guidelines on personal training contract; submit daily training session logs and bi-weekly session logs to your supervisor on scheduled due dates.


Efficiently Perform the Member Service Responsibilities

  • Warmly greet members with a smile and eye contact when you are walking the floor.
  • Anticipate member’s needs and align needs and goals with LAAC programs as appropriate.
  • Personalize relationships with members; introduce yourself and always addressing them by name.
  • Whenever appropriate, introduce members to other members or fellow staff.
  • Effectively resolve member concerns courteously; take responsibility, apologize, and follow through with resolution.
  • Always post a sign on the fitness door when you leave for rest breaks or to train a client.
  • When closing, complete maintenance checklist and report any equipment repairs needed.
  • Complete procedures specific to scheduled shifts; open, mid-day, and closing tasks efficiently.


Consistently adhere to the Los Angeles Athletic core service standards:

  • Exemplify high-quality hospitality by making every member, guest, and business partner feel welcomed, valued, respected, and listened to; greet at every encounter, offer assistance to anyone who appears in need, escort individuals to correct destination.
  • Take responsibility for maintaining an uncompromisingly clean Club; maintain your work area neat and clean, clean after yourself in employee and member areas, be proactive in maintaining member areas neat and clean by performing minor clean up as needed (i.e., cleaning minor food and liquid spills, storing forgotten exercise equipment, wiping equipment, etcetera); and promptly report needed repairs, potential safety issues, significant cleaning jobs to housekeeping, cleaning, and/or engineering department.
  • Follow through with resolutions to problems from beginning to end; break away from your regular duties if needed to follow through on resolutions.
  • Be knowledgeable of Club information; maintain sufficient and updated information to be able to easily answer questions from members and guest thoroughly from beginning to end.
  • Practice personal hygiene; wear clean and pressed clothing, Club name tag, and proper uniform if required by your position.
  • Use proper and welcoming telephone etiquette; do not screen calls, answer calls by the 3rd ring, smile while you speak.
  • Reply to emails the same day you receive them.
  • Anticipate and comply with member needs and record their preferences.


Be an ambassador of the Los Angeles Athletic Club in and outside the workplace; always represent yourself and the club professionally and with respect Exemplify our Club values at work and during all offsite work-related events

  • Teamwork; contribute to a positive work environment; maintain a positive work attitude, adjust to unexpected changes and undertake tasks with enthusiasm; work collaboratively and assist others when possible to meet member’s and business needs.
  • Friendliness; create an authentic, welcoming environment for all patrons; be friendly, greet members with a smile, give a sincere farewell, and use member’s name whenever possible.
  • Health; promote health by demonstrating a long-term and all-encompassing approach to health, which integrates soundness of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Heritage; embrace the values and traditions inherited from the club founders.
  • Strive for Wonderment; create an ambiance of wonder for our members and guests by creating marvel and unexpected joy in every club experience.


Ensure A Safe Work Environment:

  • Comply with the Company Health and Safety (H&S) processes while working on projects, initiatives and other work-related duties; perform job duties in a way that will not cause danger to self or others, or violate local, state, federal, environmental regulations.
  • Maintain a safe work environment; ensure all us clean and organized; wear protective equipment when required; promptly correct and report potential hazard or unsafe situation to the Safety Manager, Director of Engineering, or Human Resources.
  • Ensure fitness floor/lobby and track are free of clutter and equipment
  • Post out of order signs on fitness equipment that is not working properly; notify supervisor as soon as possible and contact athletic engineer for repair.
  • Understand emergency procedure and fill out incident and accident reports promptly and appropriately.
  • Enforce fitness etiquette rules and enforce LAAC Policies and Procedures; explain policies to members


Initiate Professional Growth:

  • Consistently evaluate work for efficiency, quality, alignment with the Company’s service standards, and compliance with Company policies and procedures.
  • Seek out opportunities to enhance personal skills set relevant to job tasks.
  • Maintain current on product knowledge, best practices, and skills needed to meet the demands of your position.


Education, licenses, certification, and/or essential qualifications

  • Ideal: Minimum of 1 year experience in elements of personalized fitness instruction and fitness evaluations.
  • Ideal: College Degree in Kinesiology, Fitness, or related degree.
  • Required: Personal Training Certification from ACSM, NASM, NCSA, ACE
  • Required: CPR / First Aid Certification
  • Attendance: Reliable attendance; working weekends when needed.
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Strong working knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, cardiovascular and muscular training principles.
  • Basic Computer Skills – Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Web, Payroll Timekeeping Systems
  • At least eighteen (18) years of age.



Part-Time, Non-Exempt


Los Angeles Athletic Club is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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