Los Angeles Athletic Club

Property Description:

For more than 125 years, The Los Angeles Athletic Club has remained dedicated to its mission of providing for the body, mind and spirit of its members. Our private club includes state-of-the-art athletic and spa facilities, award-winning restaurants, bars, luxury meeting and conference spaces, hotel rooms, and an array of social, business, and athletic events.



This position contributes to the success of Los Angeles Athletic Club (“Company”) by creating positive experiences for every member and guest who visits the Club by maintaining a high standard of cleanliness throughout the Club and hotel consistent with Company and Health agency safety protocols.



Clean, clear, and sanitize the Club in a safe and efficient manner:

  • Use proper cleaning and sanitizing protocols as well as standard operating procedures to clean each assigned area daily.
  • Respond to moment by moment cleaning situations as needed throughout the shift, as requested by supervisor.
  • Follow proper cleaning protocols for chemical and machine safety.
  • Replenish all supplies including (but not limited to) toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizer, soaps, athletic wipes, etcetera.
  • Replace low level basic light bulbs as needed throughout the Club.
  • Clean and sanitize all assigned facility touchpoints throughout the day (doorknobs, toilet handles, faucets, elevator buttons, etc.).
  • Thoroughly clean all floors, drains, mats and other ground surfaces.
  • Vacuum all carpets including hallways, mats, and rooms and empty vacuums regularly; ensure vacuum bags have sufficient capacity for intended use prior to using it.
  • Proactively look for areas that need to be cleaned; ensure all have pleasant odor; report downtime and rest breaks to supervisor.
  • Wipe surfaces, clean glass/mirrors, and dust as needed.
  • Clean, dry, and restock glasses and mugs from guest rooms using kitchen dishwasher.
  • Keep all storage and back of house areas clean, organized and free of trash.
  • Wipe down gym equipment throughout the day between members use to make sure it is clean and disinfected properly.
  • Be knowledgeable of all cleaning protocols for all areas throughout the Club in order to fill in for any staff shortages.
  • Deep Cleaning: Perform all deep cleaning duties as assigned; which may include but not limited to shampooing carpet and upholstered furniture, degreasing surfaces, cleaning pool, stripping and waxing hardwood floors, scrubbing, polishing, and thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces in restrooms, locker rooms, guestrooms and/or other areas throughout the Club.
  • Guest Rooms: Perform general cleaning of hotel guestrooms, remove all traces of previous guests; including but not limited to removing garbage from all rooms daily and as needed, clean and sanitize all surfaces in guest room and restroom, dust all high and low areas, polish all mirrors and windows, clean bath/shower, wipe down tile, remove linens and towels, vacuum carpet, and sweep and mop floors.
  • Set up guest room for check-ins: conduct quality control inspection of general cleaning, replace/refill all amenities as needed, make up bed/s with fresh clean linens, stock restroom with fresh clean towels, replace guest informational material as needed, check that temperature is comfortable, check that thermostat is working, check that all lights and TV are working, and refresh fragrance as needed to ensure room has a pleasant aroma.
  • Turn in all lost and found items to main desk (ground floor) making sure to note location/date/time found.
  • Perform laundry duties; including but not limited to managing the laundry room, towel/linen stocking, general cleaning of laundry room, back up in running laundry room, and all general laundry tasks as assigned.
  • Inspect your work before reporting an assignment as complete; maintain pacing and timeliness to complete assignments on time.

Monitor equipment and chemicals

  • Inspect and maintain equipment prior to using; do not use damaged, broken, or incomplete equipment and report to supervisor immediately to ensure safety of all staff and longevity of equipment
  • Ensure all supplies and equipment is returned to their designated locations.
  • Report all maintenance concerns (i.e., burned out light bulbs, broken tile, plumbing concerns) to Engineering Department and Cleaning Manager
  • Properly store and handle all equipment and chemicals; ensure to use chemicals only as directed in the corresponding material safety data sheet; never use a chemical that is not properly labeled.

 Ensure A Safe Work Environment:

  • Comply with the Company Health and Safety (H&S) processes while working on projects, initiatives and other work-related duties; perform job duties in a way that will not cause danger to self or others, or violate local, state, federal, environmental regulations.
  • Wear protective equipment required to perform tasks properly and safely.
  • Ensure work location is kept safe, clean, and organized; promptly report all accidents and immediately correct (if possible) and report all hazards, potential hazards, and unsafe work condition to the Safety Manager, Director of Engineering, and Human Resources.

Exemplify our Club values at work and during all offsite work-related events

  • Teamwork; Work collectively to realize goals that are greater than what you can achieve individually.
  • Friendliness; create an authentic, welcoming environment for all patrons; be friendly, greet members with a smile, give a sincere farewell, and use member’s name whenever possible.
  • Health; promote health by demonstrating a long-term and all-encompassing approach to health, which integrates soundness of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Heritage; embrace the values and traditions inherited from the club founders.
  • Strive for Wonderment; create an ambiance of wonder for our members and guests by creating marvel and unexpected joy in every club experience.

 Consistently adhere to the Los Angeles Athletic Club core service standards:

  • Exemplify high-quality hospitality by making every member, guest, and business partner feel welcomed, valued, respected, and listened to; greet at every encounter, offer assistance to anyone who appears in need, escort individuals to correct destination.
  • Take responsibility for maintaining an uncompromisingly clean Club; maintain your work area neat and clean, clean after yourself and be proactive in maintaining member areas neat and clean by performing minor clean up as needed (i.e., cleaning minor food and liquid spills, storing forgotten exercise equipment, wiping equipment, etcetera); and promptly report needed repairs, potential safety issues, significant cleaning jobs to Cleaning Manager, and/or engineering department.
  • Follow through with resolutions to problems from beginning to end; break away from your regular duties if needed to follow through on resolutions.
  • Be knowledgeable of Club information and where to find it; maintain sufficient and updated information to be able to easily answer questions from members and guest thoroughly from beginning to end.
  • Practice excellent personal hygiene; wear clean and pressed clothing; wear proper uniform and nametag if required.
  • Use proper radio etiquette keeping transmissions simple, respectful, and concise.
  • Reply to emails professionally within the same day you receive them.
  • Anticipate and comply with member needs and record their preferences.
  • Be an ambassador of the Company brands; always represent yourself and the company professionally and with respect while on duty on/off premises.


Initiate Professional Growth:

  • Consistently evaluate your work for efficiency, quality, alignment with the Company’s service standards, and compliance with Company policies and procedures.
  • Find opportunities to increase your proficiency in the department by proactively seeking out training and/or coaching
  • Be proactive in seeking opportunities to update current product knowledge, best practices, and skills needed to meet job needs.
  • Ask for coaching and discuss hurdles with supervisor/manager to develop better methods and habits


Education, Licenses, & Certification

  • Ideal: Minimum of 1 years of experience in general cleaning or similar positions in the Retail, Hospitality, Fitness, or Food & Beverage industry
  • Ideal: High School Diploma or GED Equivalent


Essential Qualifications

  • Required: At least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Required: Reliable and punctual attendance
  • Required: Flexibility to change assignments and schedules as needed; including general club cleaning, laundry, gym Cleaning, hotel cleaning, weekend shifts, day shifts, swing shifts, graveyard shifts, etc.
  • Required: Excellent time-management skills; prioritizing and completing assigned job tasks effectively.
  • Required: Ability to understand and communicate basic instruction/direction to members/guests in English (bilingual in Spanish or other language is an asset in this position for member/guest relations)
  • Required: Good interpersonal and customer service skills (i.e., verbally greet and provide members/guests with requested information in a polite and inviting demeanor)
  • Required: Capable of working effectively independently with minimal supervision
  • Required: High attention to detail and accuracy
  • Required: Ability to prioritize effectively and efficiently meet deadlines and produce work in a timely manner
  • Required: Ability to elicit and accept constructive feedback.


Los Angeles Athletic Club and KemperSports are Equal Opportunity Employers

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