Meet the Team

You need a partner who understands every concept of your business and can help you develop proven strategies to deliver results. As a leader in golf and hospitality management, KemperSports is that partner. This is your team.


Steve Lesnik
Steven Skinner
Jeremy Goldblatt
Jim Lawler
Mark Freemott
Josh Lesnik
Steve Kelley
Heather Margulis
Keith Karem
Mark Hoesing
Ben Blake
Keith Hanley
Steve Goris
Sara Kearney
Gene Leon
Jon Cheshire
Bryan Howell
Shawn Richter
Vince Juarez
Val D’Souza
Matt Lindley
Jeff Osborn
Chris Rucker
Morgan Gonzales
Monica Davis
Jim Stegall
Gary Binder
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We own, lease, operate and develop facilities. Contact us to learn more about our service solutions.